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MAMPI & Salfra Creative MINDS donate Sanitary Pads, Chargeable & Portable Solar Lights to 100 school girls

Gifted songbird Mampi has teamed up with Albert Mukape of Salfra Creative MINDS to embarked on a journey with an initiative called “Every Child Needs a Light” on a mission to provide Portable Solar Lights to the school going children so that they should be able to study well at night in their homes.


Today 22nd of March 2022. Mampi took to social media to issue out a statement that they have at least visited a number of places since the inception of their journey, Yesterday 21st March 2022 they partnered with Total Energies Zambia and they visited Kampishi Primary School in Rufunsa District to give 100 school girls Chargeable and portable solar lights each to help them study.

In addition to the Solar Lights, they also donated sanitary pads and with the help of Dimd Group we have also managed to donate a number of bathing Soap and Lotion.

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