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“Everyone Needs a PilAto in His Life” says the Kopala Pastor

The Kopala Pastor took to his Facebook page and wrote:


One day I received a call early in the morning, and it was PILATO calling. Upon answering he asked where I was and asked me to accompany him to a particular important meeting. Got ready and we met somewhere to go and meet a very high ranking person in government.

Cut the long story short, we got to the office after a lot of security protocols. We met this calmly spoken man, and he warmly welcomed us. As we sat, the man was looking so eager to do anything for PILATO and it looked like all he needed to do was to say what he wanted. To the utter shock of both me and the calm man in that office.

PILATO removed a document so well written and started reading it out to the man. This was a list of provinces and individuals in society that PILATO thought the government needed to help. He read out the places facing tragic challenges and the people of those places. Finally after speaking for like 20minutes, he concluded his presentation and the man was waiting for him to state also what he wanted. He waited like we wait for Jesus to return but PILATO was done. Eventually the man spoke up and said “Mr Chama all you have said I have heard and consider it done, but what about you?
PILATO laughed and said “The greatest gift you gave me, was to allow me to air my voice .” Am just happy that I can speak for someone and cause CHANGE in peoples lives. The man and I were both shocked. Ladies we left that meeting just like that.

When we left I asked him and said “ managers (As we address each other)“We burnt all the gas and disrupted our daily programs to come and speak for people we don’t know? 🙆‍♀️
He said “The power is not in us having a voice but what our voice can change in others.”
Njebele Bamudala Aba fi wisdom Sana mwe😂

That was it for that day. I learnt from there that certain positions we have been given by God are for us to help more people. Not just for us. Do you have people that lobby for opportunities for you in your absence? Choose your company carefully 🙏🏾