Zambian rapper, Cinori XO Gets A Tattoo of His Crush ‘Mutale Mwanza’, On a bet for a date.


Gifted Zambian rapper, Cinori XO made on social media today we announced, having a crush for media personality and sociality, Mutale Mwanza.

On a bet for date with the media personality, Cinori promised to get her name tatted on his body on a condition that she accepts the offer to go on 2 dates with him.

The media goddess responded with, “okay get the tattoo first we see“, well Cinori Xo done did it, he even went live while getting tatted with the name of his crush, videos are on his page.

To cut the story short, he got the tattoo and she called to check on the rapper and accept the two-dates offer.

Listen to the phone conversation between Mutale Mwanza and Cinori XO.
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