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Wezi, Mbototo, B’Flow & Maiko Zulu – Chalo Changa (Video)

In a powerful display of solidarity, Wezi, Mbototo, B’Flow, and Maiko Zulu join forces in the music video for “Chalo Changa,” a stirring anthem that addresses the challenges plaguing the Zambian people.


With a focus on social welfare issues, the song serves as a rallying cry for change, urging listeners to stand up and demand better for their communities.

Led by the soulful vocals of Wezi, the collaboration resonates with its catchy melodies and poignant lyrics, capturing the essence of Zambian resilience and unity.

Set against a backdrop of authentic Zambian imagery, the music video brings the song’s message to life, offering a visually stunning representation of hope and solidarity.

Join Wezi, Mbototo, B’Flow, and Maiko Zulu in their call for positive change and watch the impactful “Chalo Changa” music below.