Slap Dee’s “BW2” Album Is Out | Gets a lot of love than Mixed Reactions


As we know Slap Dee’s most anticipated album is finally out, with his undeniable hard work and effort he puts in his art, he is probably not the kind of artist that you would expect to receive a lot of shade over his works.

The BW2 album has been the hot topic across Twitter, facebook and the streets throughout the entire week of it’s release attracting over 2,646 CD’s from it’s expected number of 5,000 CD’s with the majority of the fans enjoying the record but only a few listeners that expected more are struggling to enjoy the album.

When Slap Dee was marketing the album on radio interviews, word came out that he announced to have enlisted sarkodie, L-Tido and AKA on the BW2 album and some fans that waited for those bangers are angry about that and of another fact that the track-list wasn’t publicized, you are only able know it when you buy the project. Scratch that!!

Here are a few tweets from the people that are feeling the #BW2 Album

I came across two or three hate tweets before i wrote this article and since i couldn’t find them the time i was going through twitter, so my final conclusion from the social media reactions is that every body is feeling the #BW2 Album!!!

Get yourself a copy!!

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