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How to play and win at crash games

Disclaimer: Gambling involves risk. Whilst we do are upmost to offer good advice and information we cannot be held responsible for any losses that you may incur as a result of gambling.


Online casinos are getting new games from time to time and some of them have become so popular that they have started a new category of entertainment. One such game is crash, now having several iterations from different providers for online casinos. You can often see them under the slots game category because they follow similar rules where a random number generator (RNG) is applied. The only difference is that you have a small control over the outcome.

What is Crash?

Crash is typically presented as a spaceship or aeroplane animated from lift off until exploding mid-flight. They can be depicted by any other objects like an animal or a car as long as it follows the same concept that it starts on schedule but has a random end. It’s a gambling game where you place your bets at the beginning then watch as your ante rises in value parallel to the animated object’s progress.

Your goal is to cash out before the object crashes, an event often depicted by an explosion, fall, or a simple abrupt end of animation. Cashing out before such an event pays you back your ante multiplied by the value indicated on the screen. If you failed to cash out by the time the crash happens, then your ante is forfeited and you have to start again. What’s fun about this game is how the rise is theoretically indefinite and there are many cases and it’s up to your intuition whether to let it rise or stop.

Easy strategy to play crash game

The simplicity of crash slots doesn’t leave too much room for strategy-making. It’s often more fun to just follow your intuition than follow a complex system. However, there is an easy strategy you can follow with high potential for getting consistent wins per gambling session. It involves planning and a three step gaming process as follows:

Before you begin playing, you must first test the game’s average volatility. This is determining when it frequently crashes in a session. You just need to bet using the smallest ante possible five to ten times and don’t cash out on all of them. Add each value and divide it by how many bets you made in testing to find the average. Mark this as your sweet spot when playing for real.

The first step in playing for real cash is to set the game’s auto cashout equal to or a few decimals lower than the sweet spot. Second step is to start with a small initial ante. Play the game then if you lose, proceed to the third step where you double the ante. Continue doubling your ante with each loss because no lose streak remains unbroken. You are bound to win eventually and this method will recover your losses instantly with one cashout.

What are good crash games to play?

There are many games in every online casino with this mechanic. You can easily find them because some are simply titled ‘Crash’ like the game from OneTouch. Others aren’t so obvious because the title doesn’t indicate the word like Space XY from BGaming. 

Although they all follow the same set of rules, some are more favoured by a majority of gamblers than others. Such preference is often related to the gimmick that it came with or because of its high volatility like Aviator from Spribe. You can place bets twice and cash them out independently from one another and the game can reach hundreds more often than other crash games.

You can play Aviator from some of the best online casinos like this one: