Big P feat. Jay Wolf – ‘Loyalty’


Big P feat. Jay Wolf‘Loyalty‘ is an honest and touching song about the loyalty of a girlfriend.

Loyalty is an interesting topic. It’s hard to maintain, easy to lose. It’s a topic that many people take for granted and it can be hard to understand what it is that makes someone loyal. The song ‘Loyalty’ by Big P feat. Jay Wolf comes at this topic in a way that breaks down the reasons why one may be loyal, while also acknowledging the difficulty of being loyal.When we get caught up in things we tend to forget how the world and people around us are changing. We forget that loyalty is a personal thing rather than something that can be applied across the board or at any time. Loyalty is a state of mind, an idea, and it’s not always clear what motivates someone to be loyal to one person or thing over another. In the song ‘Loyalty’ the speaker appreciates his girl for being too loyal.

What do you think are some reasons someone might have for being too loyal? Listen to the banger below. Download and Enjoy!


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