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#RUDDIETUDENews: MidYear Report of the Happenings in the Showbizness

With the first half of the year gone already, I thought it best to make a comeback on the blog, lol (because I can).

#Ruddietude: With the drama going on this award season, I swear i need pop corn to keep calm…

With the drama going on this award season, I swear i need pop corn to keep calm as i watch twitter trends get hotter and hotter.

#RuddieTude: P Jay Becomes The 1st Zambian Musician To Have an Album Released Posthumously & More

I can safely say P Jay was the Zambian Michael Jackson, as he vocals were heard all across Zambia and caught the attention of everyone regardless of age . The voice that just got you singing along even when you…

Dyce Jr – Ole

260 Africa Music Presents Ole by Dyce JR the co founder and Artist at 260 Africa drops his second single under the label.

#Ruddietude: Top5ZedEntShiiiii Recap!

Women in power!!! #yeleleRemix loadddddddding…. “Bazakamba bazalema ,Mukazi ni muntu oh vuto, ni muntu olimba/ ayenekela kumu pasa ulemu na chikondi ninshi kwasila….” #YeleleYelele@MariaNyemba  . As we at Zambian Music Blog await the remix , we sing along to the…

First of its kind in Zambia #KopalaDesignIndaba featuring #AllAfricaUnite

The Kopala design Indaba is an initiative aimed at showcasing emerging and established copperbelt home grown creative’s at one venue by providing a platform for all .

RUDDIETUDE: stock up enough alcohol for the 18th of October …… #Lol

E for economy !!! E for expenses !!! E for electric problems !!! E for exaggerated prices !!! E for exchange rate !!! Bleeeeeeeeh, E for “Everyone” because we all are affected with how things are just changing at a…