Birth Names: Owen Bwembya
Date of Birth: 19 Sept
Genre: Afro pop/dancehall /Hip Hop
Label: Kopala Swag Music/Alpha Ent & Phat Jam records


Juvenile is an afro pop/Dancehall/Hip Hop artist also known as the ferrari or the Kopala Getto bouy or the African bouy, born & raised in the Ghetto on the copperbelt (Kopala).

He started music as early as 2007 as an underground artist & recorded underground songs way back in 2009 to 2010 until 2011 when he went to study marketing at evelyn hone college between 2011 and 2013. Besides music ‘Juvenile’ is a marketeer by professional, He is a song writer, producer, singer & Rapper.

He has been underground since 2008 & has continued releasing commercial songs such as; 4 Wheel Drive featuring the legendary K’Millian and a lot more songs coming your way.

Watch out for Juvenile!!