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Five SONGS That Coincidentally SIGNALED P JAY’s DEATH

When death knocks on your door you cannot ignore the call. It seems P Jay “Brian Cheengwa” heard the knock and tried to explain to the world.


21st December 2014 was the day Zambia lost this great RN’B superstar to the ground but let us try to analyze some lines of the five songs that I believe came from P Jay’s heart trying to communicate about his death to us.

  • Nyengelele (Prod. Raydo)

In this song he talks about leaving a woman and assure her it is his last day to be with her. “Nifuna Nikunyengelele Iwe, Nikutenge Kunyumba Iwe, Ndaba Sikuyalelo Ni Last Day Yanga Ku Chiling’a Na Iwe”.

  • Nikamisiya (By Ruff Kaida)

On this one the chorus says it all, but before that Ruff Kaida makes it clear on the intro that whosoever sings about death will be carried by it then P Jay sings the following words on the chorus; “Leka Chabe Nikondwele Lelo, Leka Chabe Nisanagalale Lelo, Musakalile Nikamisiya na pali mailo sinidziba”.

  • Akasuba

Sounds like a love song to many, but have you thought about the meaning of other lines? Like “Jimmy Alelila Over Over”, “Runell nao alelila ninkumising’a fi long time, ngaibukisha chilemukalipa aletila bushe tukamonana”, the song is more than a love song and brings out P Jay’s deep thoughts of how people close to him will feel when he is no more.

  • When Am Gone (Ft. Enepal)

Reveals it all in which he sings; “I ain’t turning back no more”. Though appreciated by masses, P Jay communicated clearly that when he faces death he will not return to earth.

  • Nayenda (By One Muzo)

Will leave tears to your eyes for it sounds like P Jay’s prophecy was finally accomplished. The chorus goes like; “Nthawi Yafika Banzaga Nayenda, Mulungu Mwine Ndiye Anitengaa”

From this analysis it is evident that each one of those songs was taking P Jay closer to his death. He lived his life in the music industry knowing exactly how to arrange the songs until death found him leaving his younger brother on the throne because his intro “The Future’ is believed to have referred to “Ben Da’Future” an uprising star taking over from where he left off.

One year after his death and still making noise across the airwaves of the nation. M.H.S.R.I.P