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Yo Maps Feature Fee Is Now 10,500$ – DJ Kandeke Announces New Price

The Zambian superstar Yo Maps is known for his melodic tunes and catchy verses. If you want Yo Maps to feature on your track, you better be ready to shell out some serious dough. Today the 30th April 2024 Maps’s manager DJ Kandeke took Facebook to announce the new feature fee which is 10 500$.


As Yo Maps’s star continues to rise, it is evident that his influence extends far beyond his home continent. With each project, he brings together diverse talents and showcases the power of collaboration in creating musical masterpieces.

Yo Maps openness to collaboration and his ability to build strong musical relationships are testaments to his passion for creating exceptional music that resonates with audiences worldwide. His artistic vision transcends borders, and he continues to captivate fans with his infectious sound and magnetic presence.

The world eagerly awaits his next move as he continues to shape the global music landscape with his extraordinary talent and unwavering dedication But hey, having Olio’s on your song might just be worth every penny!