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I Am Not in The Country, Alishiba Apaku Nyela!!! – CHISENGA, formerly called ‘C.R.I.$.I.$.’ Calls Camstar Childish

In the midst of escalating tensions within the Zambian music scene, CHISENGA, formerly called ‘C.R.I.$.I.$.’ has seized the spotlight once again, this time asserting his prominence over fellow artist, Camstar while claiming he’s better rapper than him.


Recall that there was a recent exchange of indirect jabs between Camstar and fellow english heavyweight rapper , Krytic. After all the drama, CHISENGA has taken to his Facebook page on Monday, April 29th, 2024, to flaunt his relevance compared to Camstar, stating that he knows his limit.

Sharing a post on social media showcasing the significant gap in their respective follower counts, CHISENGA left no room for ambiguity as he declared that Camstar knows where to sh*t from . In a daring statement, he remarked, “…He said there’s no better rapper than him in the country.
I am not in the country. Alishiba apaku nyela!!!.”

He further added that he recorded a song with Krytic! not knowing that Camstar and Kryticare not in good teams. He also highlighted that Camstar started sending him messages, threatening and insulting him at 4 AM for promoting his enemy!

He added that he put Krytic on a song with an American rapper named Benny The Butcher and Camstar got jealous, telling CHISENGA that he should have been on that song instead of Krytic! It’s

The assertion by CHISENGA serves as the latest chapter in an ongoing narrative of rivalry and competition within the Zambian music industry. With social media as the battleground, artists continue to vie for supremacy and recognition, often resorting to bold declarations and subtle digs to assert their dominance.