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Y Cool ft. Trina South – ‘Ghetto Story’ [Prod. by Ricore]

Apa Iliso Entertainment presents an enthralling musical collaboration between Y Cool and Trina South in their latest release, ‘Ghetto Story.’ Produced by the talented Ricore, this track promises to be a compelling tale that delves into the realities of life in the ghetto.


As the beats kick in, Y Cool and Trina South’s voices come together in perfect harmony, weaving a powerful narrative that reflects the struggles and triumphs of growing up in the streets. ‘Ghetto Story’ is more than just a song; it’s a raw and authentic portrayal of life in the hood, capturing the essence of their experiences.

With Apa Iliso Entertainment at the helm, ‘Ghetto Story’ emerges as a standout in the world of meaningful and thought-provoking music. The label’s commitment to showcasing raw talent and impactful storytelling is evident in this remarkable collaboration.