Why Chef 187 ’s “Bon Appetit” & SlapDee “Mother Tongue” Should Not Be Compared


There’s aBon Appetit” vs “Mother Tongue,” feud happening between the The Lyrical Sensei fans and Kind Dizo fans on social media for some while now. Since Chef 187 and SlapDee released their albums, the argument of who is a better artist became the number one topic, and with the way things are at the moment, it’s probably going to last for another decade.

However, critically looking at both albums (“Bon Appetit” &“Mother Tongue,” ) it would be discovered that both albums are amazing and unique in their own way and it is very important to understand that they should not be compared.

In this article, I will be analyzing both albums based on Lyrics, Production, Sound, and Direction. 


On Mother Tongue,” SlapDee promotes culture and globalization with tracks containing themes of love, peace, goodwill, and grace. The project is more centered on embracing the culture. The rapper also highlighted that he took himself back to a younger and hungry him and paused King Dizo to bring back the SlapDee. It is filled with rich tunes ranging from his regular but unique Afrobeat, and has production credits from the likes of Mag44, Koby, Ricore, Jazzy Boy Mohsin Malik, Crown Beats, Solomom Plate, Mr Stash,THQ and Miles Came Along on most of the projects.

Alsomerely seeing the names of the featured artistes gives an insight into what your ears about to hear. The body of work is laced with 19 dope songs with notable features from vocal powerhouse Maureen Lianada, hip-hop icon Tommy D, Jay Rox, Sample The Great, Tim, Lanji, Elisha Long, Natasha Chansa, South African songstress Busiswa, sensational singing male hotspur Daev and other one which wouldn’t go unnoticed was track 15 which featured his son Zamani and these are people that like to keep it calm while making music. Nothing serious, just pure slow vibes.

Bon Appetiton the other hand, has Pop, a little of Jazz & Rap, Afrobeat and Zed touch vibes with production credits from Tonny Breezy of Fresh Boy Music and Mohsin Malik of Baila Empire Music. for they produced Tuleya TulekulaOne More and Co Ordinate also Easy ThaProducer on Ghetto Code respectively just to mention but a few.

The 23 tracks album comes with eye-catching titles with the following heavy-weight features (Both local and International); SkalesDot2dtunKnightRyan BlazeDriftaIzraelAfunikaJemaxWeziTowela KairaImmortal C’zarDreYoung DeeOreziProphet MalachiMacky2ChekchekBow ChaseMr. PXavenJolieF Jay and Cinorio XO these are people you would turn to for party bangers.


When it comes to lyrics, Chef 187 and SlapDee, you could say they are slightly on the same track, after all, it’s all money, love, women, and partying but, hey, there’s a huge difference.

SlapDee’s love is unmatched, and his approach to love and women is unlike that of Chef187. Dizo goes straight for wants he wants with a woman, no beating around the bush lol. He gives off the “if you’re not ready to get down with me, you can aw well leave me alone” vibe.

Chef 187 has always kept it safe when it comes to singing about his love for women. He has a softer and negative approach towards singing about love and relationships. Uno is the guy that goes all the way for a woman; he takes his time, makes her feel like a queen, and stays with her for life, at least that’s what his music depicts. You have to listen to “Easy Love”, “Love Na Loyalty” and “One More” am more then sure you will get my point, the songs mentioned are off Bon Appetit.” 

The Lyrical Sensei on this project was more celebrating his success in the music business that’s why he even named it Bon Appetitcause he has done almost everything in the game.

SlapDee on the other hand, has done some major moves in the game from being that little lad from the streets of Lusaka to selling shows all over the country back to back and getting nominated for awards outside the country. On this project SlapDee certainly has come a long way in his music career he doesn’t fail to give gratitude/homage to where he comes from and this is seen in tracks like “Zanga” featuring Elisha Long and “Kembo Mu Matero” aside from that also check out “Fire“, “Teti’ & “Duet (Tik Tok) off “Mother Tongue,” album and listen to how here smoothly set well composed lyrics about love and woman.


Unlike his other albums that are filled with party bangers because really you wouldn’t want to mess with his discography filled with hits, King Dizo’s Mother Tongue,” is filled with cool and slow but matured vibes. It is evident that he has evolved as a person and as an artist. For SlapDee the album is more than a project but a statement. It’s also his way of paying homage to his roots, the streets of Matero. For Chef 187, it’s all about having a successful run in the game, been better than good and also the celebration of what he has achieved thus far. The album has tracked about women, friends, money, dance, and of course partying. He also made sure of recording more Hit! than ever.

With this breakdown, it is crystal clear that both albums have different directions and content, so making comparisons is unnecessary. On an ending note, both hip-hop mogul have different personalities, and this is clearly exhibited in “Bon Appetit” &  “Mother Tongue”

They are living a life free of pride just working hard and at this point there are not to be chasing the money but the money chasing him.

It’s just like comparing JK and Izreal but we’re not going to have that argument here and am not ready for that one lol.

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