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Watch The Latest Episode of Chanda Mbao’s Zambian Hip-Hop History Podcast: Chilu Lemba

Award winning Zambian hip hop artist Chanda Mbao has been hosting a visual podcast with the purpose of documenting the history of Zambian Hip-Hop and we re just catching with the show, he already has a couple of episode on his YouTube Page.


The rapper has an interesting choice of guests that come to spill never heard before information about the early days of Zambian hip hop and Zambian music as a whole as they talk about problems might be solutions with a mind of taking Zed music across borders.

On this new episode he features the man with the voice, Chilu Lemba of the Njota hit song fame – a radio and television presenter, voice over artist, author and musician.

Watch part 1/2 of the interview below, and come back, refresh this page for 2/2 a few days from now.

Part 2 of 2