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WATCH INTERVIEW: Musa Keys Loves the Vibe of Bulongo song by Chanda Na Kay

On the recent episode of the ZMB talks, Edna the people’s Bae interviews South African based Producer, singer and Amapiano artist Musa Appreciate Keys. In this episode Musa talks about the love and good vibes he received from Zambians and how he dropped out of school to push his music career.


Musa also talks about coming back to the motherland with his studio so that he can help some Zambian artists, connect with the people and his fellow artists as well as to understand the Zambian music culture.

Edna showed Musa a video of Bulongo a record by Chanda na kay. The artist was in love with the song, this made him to encourage artists to do music in a language most people are able to understand especially those from other countries. He further encouraged artists to mix their language with English so that people can stream the music everywhere. He further stated that songs sung in English are being streamed most because people are able to understand the song world wide.

Musa also discuss on collaborations and depicts that collaborations should be beyond making music as artists need to plug and push one another. Still on collaborations Musa is trying to feature a Zambian artist on his upcoming project.

Musa was asked by the people’s Bae if he has ever heard a Zambian song playing in his country (South Africa). The artist confessed that he has never heard a Zambian song playing in his country.

Lastly, Musa encouraged artists on the art of branding and that artists need to target cooperates companies as cooperates pay good money and give endorsements deals.

Watch the full video below: