Shawn kaystar seeks permission from Dj Showstar to add Smooth IK and K-Smash on the zed Godfather wall of fame

Shawn Kaystar seeks permission from Dj Showstar to add K-Smash and smooth IK to the list of the zed music Godfathers.


This follows up the beef between CQ Muzukulu and Dj Showstar in which Showstar called himself a zed music Godfather. However CQ Muzukulu did not agree with these sentiments by Dj Showstar.

In the comment section of the permission post Dj Showstar says , “ if we are being honest. I can never do half the job Big IK and Big Kalumba and alot other people have done in the industry, I can’t match up.”

Dj Showstar maintained to say, “ calling myself a Godfather is in no way comparing myself to anyone. I can’t compare myself to those Greats . So don’t compare us.” In addition,” those are kings in a league of their own. Some of us are here because of them.”