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The Experience Concert with Tekno to take Place In favor of Slapdee

The Experience Concert which was almost turning into a nightmare for it’s organizers is still taking place in favor of Slapdee‘s stance against low fees.


Goodlife Events has confirmed that the event will be headlined by Macky2 and Slapdee alongside Nigerian singer – Tekno.

Read Goodlife Events CEO – Shawn Kabemba‘s statement below.

We as Goodlife events would like to announce that we have come to an agreement with hip-hop artiste Mwila Musonda aka Slapdee to perform at The experience concert with Nigerian singer Tekno. We would also like to state that we had already engaged Slapdee and were already in talks for his performance at the experience concert, Macky2 will also be headlining the event that will take place in Lusaka on July 28 at Woodlands Stadium.

Goodlife would also like to mention that an earlier tweet by Tekno had nothing to do with Zambia but fellow Nigerian artistes Danfo Drivers.

We as a promotional company are dedicated to making sure our industry grows and blossoms and see our artistes celebrated and respected both here and outside. We are doing this for Zambia and for the industry, we believe in our music and our artistes let’s embrace it and support it“.