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Tbwoy – Comfortable (Video)

Get ready to be mesmerized by Tbwoy’s latest music video, “Comfortable“! The Zambian superstar has raised the bar with this sleek and modern visual representation of his catchy single.


The “Comfortable” music video is a masterclass in confidence and charisma, with Tbwoy performing the song with effortless style and swagger. With its slick visuals and unforgettable style, the “Comfortable” music video is set to take the music world by storm. Watch it now and experience the best of Zambian music and culture!

Directed by Lanzee Cooper, the video is a perfect complement to the song’s themes of living life to the fullest. Tbwoy’s energy and charm shine through in every frame, making “Comfortable” a must-watch for fans of Afrobeats and contemporary music.

HE Wrote: “Song number 3 off the “Try Love” album, this song is so dear to me, its something that comes straight from my heart what i have heard people say about me since i moved to the united states worse more joining the US Army.

Verse 2 is sang exactly the way comments came in on my social media, instead of getting mad, i decide to use the bad comments the throw to me as motivation to even push harder and make a better version of my self. I realize that i cant please everyone and people are uncomfortable with what’s not familiar to them. They are programmed to see us move the same way such that when you move differently, they begin to wonder how you managed instead of asking you, they feel like you are their enemy.”