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T-Sean Has managed to stay relevant in game for over a decade, Here is how!!

The Zambian music industry continues to celebrate one of its finest, dancehall artist, singer, record producer and songwriter T-Sean.


Currently the dance-hall daddy is among the few artist who have set a national record by been the 3rd most followed artist on Facebook with over 760k plus followers, coming second is Macky 2,who has 780k plus and first place is Yo Maps with 800k plus.

With not more than 50% of Zambia’s population having access to the internet, T-Sean has reached a new level of success as his in the music business. He has over 25k followers on twitter, 325k followers on Instagram and over 7million views on YouTube. The question is how has he managed to stay relevant all these years? 

This article explains how Nexus signed artist and Baila Empire Record CEO manages to attain an insurmountable relevance in the game. 

  • Implementing diverse strategies

Aside from uploading music videos to his YouTube account back to back and responding to fans on social media, T-Sean has always been constant with interacting with his fans through collection of his live shows, interviews with the media and going live on social media to have a one on one chat with his fans who don’t make it to his shows.

All this content has had a great impact on the success of his over years.

  • Strategic selection of feature artists

The dancehall mogul is known to feature some of the most influential artists in the industry. Some of his most successful songs to date have featured the most influential artists of the likes of Macky, TBwoy, TIM, Izrael and Chef 187. He doesn’t just feature the big dog in the game but he also manages to collaborate with new wave artist like Bow Chase, Chanda Na Kay, Scotte, Kunkeyani  and Daev Zambia (RIP) just to mention a few

This means featuring artists of all generation in his songs has led to more audiences from various angles each time he drops a new song. Another contribution to his success is the tendency to drop new songs, one after the other and still leave his followers wanting more. Just last year he managed to give his with not 25 singles and one ep. This 2021 has already dropped a solo body of work “Purpose” which consists of 21 beautiful songs, most of which were produced, mixed and mastered by T-Sean himself. (Buy it here) and he has unveiled (3) three videos off the album as we speak. 

  • A large following on social media

T-Sean is among the artist the most followed with an astounding 1.110 million followers across all his social media handles. He is 4th across the whole Zambia after Chef 187 who has 1.165m followers and Macky 2 topping the chat with 1.4million, Slapdee is second with 1.3milllion

Having many followers across social platforms eases T-Sean’s job as his followers are always amongst the first to share any latest update or announced which has helped him to stay at the top over all these years.