Spalow – “Bad Choice”


A song by Spalow a Zambian Singer recorded 24th January 2021 at JAE RECORDS of DJ Prince Jae in Lusaka, Chunga. The song “Bad Choice” is an RnB/Soul/Pop/
Rock and has a tempo of 150 Beats Per Minute (BPM) and was recorded in the key of G minor. Spalow‘s voice spans from E3 to E5 as a countertenor. The song got uploaded on YouTube and Soundcloud.

Prince Jae & many other called it a french-like staccato with a voice having a cry-like sound. He told Spalow that it was over computerized on the verse parts but the singer being a co-producer wanted it to be the way it is today. Angel Gift only praised the instrumental & verses. Damian Chanda praised the whole song & bought it off as the first customer. Jolie Mukadi(ZNBC BORN AND BRED PRESENTER) preffered the song to be leggato rather than staccato.Croise Mulenga liked the song and compared it to sound like D-Block’s style. Ronald Chimbala said the style was that of Michael Jackson but not the voice. Evidence chimbala compared the last chorus ad-libs to be that of michael jackson’s style in, “who is it,” Taonga phiri(tp patel) praised only the verses comparing them to michael jackson’s, “dirty diana,” Milton SMD called it the Michael Jackson style.

Alpha Junior the brother to legendary Alpharomeo liked the emotional given to the song than the staccato style and song over beautifying.Joseph Daka(Aka Jay) said it was similar to Michael Jackson.Naha Zulu the mother to legendary Emmanuel Peter Alinafe Sakala(Epas) gospel hip hop multiple award winner called it the Michael Jackson. Akanji Ace said it was similar to The weeknd.Alfred Emmanuel Mukuyu said it resembled Michael Jackson and The Weeknd style.Andrew Nyanga(Trowz) said it reminds him of Michael Jackson and sees the new Michael Jackson in the singer. Kelizzy Banda said it sounded like Michael Jackson on it.

Davy Kapiji(Nelson Mandela School Science Pro-Teacher) said the style was genuine.Matilda Nkosi liked the flavour of the song.Memoreen Kalolo Mwaka praised the song on how the singer followed the notes but preferred to Legatto rather than stacatto with stress-like raspier sound. Mackenzy thought it was a Michael Jackson song how it began.After channeling alot to the king of pop the singer got advice to switch to gospel. Some said words were staccato because of being too emotional. Ether Ganizani(Emmasdale internet cafe operator) said it sounded like singer named choccolate.Ziwa Gift(natasha) called it perfect production.William Simpokolwe(Esther Ganizani workmate) encouraged the singer to get more training and appreciated his creativity, he said it sounded like Rude Boy(P Square) inspiration, he compared it with Yo Maps but said it had too much beauty of the singer sounding like in the hall, he liked the emotion and concluded that the add-lib vocals wasn’t suppose to be same voice with the chorus one. Taonga Phiri(A female emmasdale boutique and grocery holder) said it sounded like Michael Jackson.Martha Pelile(emmasdale grocery holder) said the singer sounded like he was complaining that someone broke his heart & times those people were together she also spoke that the voice resembled Michael jackson.Moses Mwale(chazanga’s finest legendary music producer known as DJ MD) said the verses sounded completely like Michael Jackson. Michael Boggs(American guitar player) liked the sound and praised the singer’s improvement but wanted it to be more leggato than staccato and it was reported that he had voice coached the singer for a while.Frank Kachepa(D-Block) added it to his favourite music playlist and said it sounded similar to Michael Jackson.

After hearing the second verse and last ad-libs, people thought he meant his friend named Theresa Mwamba who attended from Shekinah Glory School then passed and went to Matero Girls School then the singer was questioned behind the song’s inspiration, he denied the accusations and to tell who the song was written for and he spoke, “The song was not written for Theresa Mwamba my friend or Theresa Mutale my cousin or Theresa Chimbala my sister, it was written for those people who can’t manage to have one lover, I call them as Bad Choice, I met one and she just turned me into something I never wanted to be. I just love the name theresa that’s why I used it.” up to now the singer remained quiet hiding who did that to him.Moses Mutumpa(Trim Sky) said it sounded like Michael Jackson comparing it to the song, “Beat it,” mickey and Mike Chishala(Dj Spinzol) called it Michael Jackson imitations. Mike Chanda(Giodin De 4th) said the song was too emotional that the verses sounded exactly like Michael Jackson.Mangani Zimba(doxy) said it sounded like Michael Jackson.Lukas said the voice sounded like Michael Jackson.Francis Phiri(GramzZ de kaVod) said it sounded similar to Michael Jackson.The lyrics video appeared on 13th March 2021.Gary bupe praised the production also the singer chanelling 1980s classic

DOWNLOAD: Spalow – “Bad Choice”

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