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SlapDee – Black Na White 3 (Full Album)

Ace Zambian rapper-songwriter, Slapdee, has finally graced the the music scene with his much-awaited album, “Black Na White“. The full 22-track package, woven with guest appearances from renowned artists like Macky 2, Jae Cash, Jay Rox, Vinchenzo, Tommy D, Mampi Dizmo, 76 Drums, D Bwoy, Elisha Long who delivered scorching verses that add depth and dimension to the tracks they were included.


The studio album bagged a total number of fifteen well-enchanted records, that reflect the artist’s artistic vision and creative evolution.

Each track within “Black Na White” likely brings its own unique flavor and style, displaying the versatility of Slapdee’s music. His ability to create catchy, vibrant, and relatable music has earned him a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim.

Black Na White 3 is a good album to say the least; it’s also a declaration. The title itself speaks volumes, embodying Slapdees’s role as a musical guide, leading the listener through a sonic journey of emotions and experiences. The 22 tracks are meticulously crafted, blending the vibrant energy of Hiphop, Afrobeats and Zed beats with introspective ballads and soulful serenades.

The Black Na White 3” is a culmination of King Dizzo’s artistry, a testament to his undeniable talent. It’s an album that will resonate with listeners of all backgrounds, inviting them to sing along, dance, and reflect on the human experience.

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