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Shepherd M Mesala – “2016 USA General Elections Prophecy”

The most leading Zambian prophet shepherd M, Mesala with accurate prophecy for nations has mentioned the people who will emerge victorious in the ongoing November general election in U.S.A.


Prophet shepherd of FIC ministries during interactive interviews by his journalist he went on mentioning the person who will win the U.S.A election.

These were is words ‘‘when the heavens opened the spirit of the lord ministered to me about the US election firstly I saw the currently president barrack Obama trying to interrupt the election from talking place later I saw the campaign still going on. The person I saw in my vision winning the election was a Woman by the name of Hillaruy Clinton Cozi she is destined to rule America and her desires and intentions are real for the nation. She has been mentioned before in the history of America that a woman will rule American.

But mark my words if she fails she will fail on her on because of not having a good back ground of Christianity secondly if she will not listen carefully to her adviser I saw the glory, grace and favor departing from her going to a man by the name of Donald J Trump and being sworn in as a president of America. But the person I saw with high grace and favor to be sworn in as a president she is a woman and destined to rule America.

The election will be free and fair but there will be small anarchy in some parts, people demonstrating. After mentioning the president all the noise will stop,

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