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Remembering The Legacy Of Daev Zambia

Over the past few months, we have seen that time and wings have really bonded to take flight and leave us to only wonder about how things have changed in these times.  It is a journey that is passed through rivers and rocks, though we have been at the helm of losing. Especially loved one in death, some of our friends and families still live on in the works they blessed us with as they had a chance to walk among us. It is a sad and happy journey with so much to think about down memory lane


With that said, today is a special day as we pay attention to one of our fallen brother, an artist with a golden voice and beautiful talent act. We want to refresh our minds as in to when he started his career on the lime light and continued thereafter till his untimely death. Daev Zambia.

Daev’s is time tracked back in 2015 when he featured by Tosta from the XYZ, a label he would later be signed and made a lot of works. The song was dubbed ‘’ Kali Nu Nu’’, the video was topped by most critics as it suited the song. And at the moment we had the chance to witnessed his face and familiarized ourselves with him.

Daev had a soft and pleasant angelic singing voice that captivated us over the time that he continued releasing music. The jam was released at IKONiK studio and produced by Mr Stash. But perhaps what is the most recognizable break out track that he was on, was the ‘’ Ma Years’’ in which he was featured by the lyrical joe mbuzi, the one and only, Chef 187. this was a massive jam, and Daev as always, he gave it all he could and as his former manager would put it, ‘’ did magic’’ Slapdee.

Thereafter we saw his other songs coming along but mostly those that he was featured. Later on, they clicked with Bobby East and did a collabo, dubbing it ‘’ Next To You’’ which instantly topped charts and became the ladies theme song. Surely Daev was becoming a top artist, and with his talent, no bigger artist would say no to his invitations. As this was seen in one of the first dingle he did in 2017, ‘’ Iyo’’ which featured one of the biggest artist in Zambia, Macky2 and Nezlong.

By the end of 2017, Daev had already picked up a pen and wrote a name on the contract of the biggest recording label in zambia, the XYZ entertainment obviously, as the record shows, persuaded by Bobby east. Under xyz, he had multiple successes. First, he did a song duubed ‘’ closer’’ which the superstar himself, Roberto of the brotherhood family confessed as his favorite song. Not only that, daev had the chance to work with king, slap d in single called ‘’ No Wonder’’ which was also the big hit, thereafter they collaborated on another jam dubbed ‘’ single’’ and one of the biggest collabos which they did with Patoranking in the song ‘’ Lituation’’

With fame and a huge support base, Daev was working magic on every track. That made him deliver to fans’ expectations. In 2020, he released a song dubbed ‘’ Never Been Easy’’ which has become the household name and has a very enticing rhythm and a relatable storyline. The song is by far one of the biggest single done by him, with million views on YouTube and still a blasting hit everywhere in Zambia.

Thereafter, he released ‘’ kamba ka love’’. kamba ka love, became more like a farewell track that Daev recorded in his final moments, though he released ‘’ moonlight’’ before he met his demise. And a few other unfinished works which were later leaked on the net.

Till to date we can still conclude that a hundreds of thousands of words have been published, and hundreds of thousands more have been spoken into the microphones of the world but none of them have been really adequate to fully exhaust the kind of person Daev was. Words cannot describe how the Zambian people felt when they lost their own. Not until the vacuum of disbelief was filled with the horror of comprehension.

 We write this because of that personal sense of emptiness that all Zambians feel because their musician was cut off in the prime of life. Till now we would still say as a nation, we lost a musician who understood the real helm of music, singing for the soul nd a voice gloried in its overwhelming vocals and condescending our spirit. Your legacy still lives as your music still makes us wanna get under our skin and touch every rhythm coz we still feel the blood boiling under our veins every time your music plays, kudos young legend.

Today we pay our respects with heavy hearts filled with appreciations to one of the best and likable young artist who are gone before there time. Was there anyone who could have silenced Daev? The dead cannot speak for themselves, which is why today we stand here and claim that, Daev lives on in hid music. Rest in peace young king. ‘’ it’s never been easy’’ without your new music. Your Voice always ignite a sense of thirsty for more of your songs which cannot be quenched.