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Radio personality Paige Ethy roots for Macky 2 by reacting to Olijaba Album critics

Radio personality Paige Ethy has said that people are busy Criticizing Macky2‘s new Album ‘Olijaba‘ yet the album is performing extra better than some people’s lives and mostly better than projects by the same critics’ favorite music icons.


The radio goddess took to her Facebook page and wrote “People busy criticizing Macky2’s album with so much hate yet it got 2 mili in 48 hrs performing better than your other zed idols projects. And actually performing extra better than your life .anyways I came in peace.”

Still on Macky 2 news Sanga Tembo posted on his Facebook page saying “Saw King Bugah yesterday and my honest view is, he still needs to get further stripped down. If what he’s done is really retired /transitioned into REALITY tv (where you hide few to make more). Cuz what i saw is Music PR… Nothing we don’t already know from episode 1. Waiting for episode 2, ok effort. Still careful though.