Prominent Radio Goddess & Social Media Influencer Mutale Mwanza Reportedly Fired From Hot FM


The news has surfaced online that Prominent Radio Goddess and breakfast show presenter Mutale Mwanza has been fired from her duties with immediate effect.

In a letter addressed to Ms, Mwanza, Hot Fm CEO,Oscar Chavula says her latest antics were highly disrespectful, unprovoked and unconscionable considering that they were targeted at an elderly national leader.

He said the behavior shown amounted to cyber bullying which the station do not condone in its values and principles.

“Dear Ms Mwanza it is with profound regret that I must inform you that management has decided to terminate your employment with Hot FM with immediate effect.

We find your brand to be seriously in conflict with the Hot FM brand and values and can no longer allow this trend to continue,” he said.

Mr Chavula said the station has cautioned her enough in the last few months regarding her public conduct and warned her against dragging the brand and company down to her level.

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