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Namadingo – ‘Affidavit’ Video

Malawi’s beloved singer and songwriter, Namadingo, has recently released his first single for the year 2023, titled “Affidavit.” The love song has already garnered significant attention, with fans raving about the touching lyrics and soulful melody.


The official video for “Affidavit” was shot by the talented Garth Von Glen at Ron CZ Production, and it perfectly captures the essence of the song.

As one of Malawi’s most popular musicians, Namadingo has amassed a dedicated following thanks to his heartfelt lyrics and incredible vocal range. His music often touches on themes of love, loss, and the struggles of everyday life, resonating deeply with his fans. “Affidavit” is no exception, showcasing Namadingo’s unique ability to craft moving songs that speak directly to the heart.

Watch the video below. Enjoy and share.