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KB’s ‘My Diary’ series continues to impress: ‘My Diary 13’ feat. HD Empire, Chuzhe Int. & Essi

Zambian hip-hop artist KB has released a new track titled ‘My Diary 13‘ featuring HD Empire, Chuzhe Int., and Essi. The song is the latest addition to KB’s popular ‘My Diary’ series, which features some of the most talented artists in the Zambian music scene.


In ‘My Diary 13’, KB takes the lead with a powerful 20-bar verse that showcases his lyrical prowess and emotional depth. The track is a deeply personal one for KB, and he opens up about his struggles and triumphs as an artist and a person.

The collaboration with HD Empire, Chuzhe Int., and Essi adds another layer to the track, with each artist telling their own unique story. The song is a beautiful blend of different voices and sounds, creating a tapestry of emotions and experiences that is both powerful and moving.

Check it out below. Enjoy.