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Lyrics for “Under Dog” by Aqualaskin

I’m Tired
Of living by these rules already
Want me back spitting ill
Hope your meds is ready
All of a sudden now niggas
Want a piece of my cake
Where the fuck was you at
When I was learning to bake
Came from nothing I was broke
Now I’m outche giving hope
I was counted out
Still had my foot on they neck
With timberland boots
Muhammad Ali in the booth
I’m Dominating kindah year
Yeah that’s the truth
Ion’t even come on your door
Make you pay for this roll that play
Is mercy
I was never your bro
You the same greedy rappers
Who ain’t passed the ball
Want a verse let
Your pockets speak
If not nigga suck my dick
I’m the one bout to blow
And it’s evident
Now my Reach way higher than TiK
Talk my shit cause I can
Cut throat
With a shitick
I’m toxic
Now catch this


Don’t compare me
None of these niggas
Flexin on gram
Real life broker than glass
I know it’s fake it till you make
It but how long you gon cap
At the point you just dumb
Lemme show how it’s done
Just got keys to the city
How you at it for the longest
work twice as shitty Admit it
Nigga I’m the one
They feeling
Thinking music
All about bars
If you a lyricist chikala
Why your bank know no notes
How you so fucking good
at Writing lines on paper
Yet got no paper
Watoloka imisu
Nokunyanta amashinsha
Damned down my groove
So all you niggas could see
All this shit y’all been doing
I can do x2 with ease
But no more blanks
In my clip
On that shoot to kill
Best believe a nigga dead
If he fucking with king
spit facts from the jump
I done kept it real
Walk your talk motherfucker
Like your feet got mouth
Last I checked you a pet
Still at mama house
Tried this hype thing Nigga
It didn’t pay no bill
So i quit I’m bout the green
Bengie frankilin
chasing gold fuck a coin
big bills it’s a deal
when you find me going hard
Best believe it’s for the pile
Emperor mode here to rule out
self proclaimed kings
Nigga damned if I let you
Give me attitude

talking bout you came in first
Bitch you’ve been amateurs
Don’t nobody know your name
Out these boarders you and me
Is the same
Matter of fact no
My shit prolly get played
Your trash finna hit the bin
Or get deleted instead
Your goals is this high
Check my height wish
You niggas would try
Get on my level
On the mic I’m hell fire
Been burning eternal
Sanga Tembo pass the shovel
Time to bury these niggas
Then piss on they graves
For wasting my time
Getting Reid of two waste
at the same damn time
How you liking my shine
My glow came on too quick
Like back up power
At a bank
Don’t panic
freed my devil
2 minutes
Send that nigga back in the dark
I never switched my style
My skill to complex
None of you can handle
What I gave I can take to
Better start kissing my shoe
Your bitch a fan to
Talking bout she love how I move
I told her suck my tool
Take it easy lol nigga
I got jokes to
If you believe I’m a joke
You a clown fool
I got signed to improve the label
Cause that’s my level
I know you got shook
You just met the devil