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King Illest on the importance of networking, new Album ‘MULILO UTAZIMI’ and plans for the future.

Fans of fire rapper King Illest were treated to an intimate conversation with the artist in a recent ZMB talks interview with EDNA. In the interview, King Illest discussed new Album ‘MULILO UTAZIMI‘, his creative process, the inspirations behind his music, and his plans for the future.


King Illest, whose real name is Mainga Mukando, revealed that he began making music at a young age with a lot of help and influences by the kind of music his elder brother Emmanuel Chilala listened to, drawn to the art form as a way to express himself and connect with others.

When asked about about repping Southern Province and ‘King of the South’ tag, King Illest emphasized the importance of staying true to himself and his own artistic vision, rather than trying to conform to industry standards or trends.

Looking to the future, King Illest said that he has big plans for his career. By the time of the recording of this interview he was organizing the release of his debut album ‘MULILO UTAZIMI’, which is now out and a showcase his unique style and solidify his place in the rap scene. He also expressed a desire to collaborate with international artists and continue pushing the boundaries of the genre.

Overall, the interview offered a rare glimpse into the mind of award-winning star and left fans eager to see what King Illest has in store for the future. Press Play below and enjoy.