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Khohamah Caiah’s – ‘Tunnel Vision’ Mp3

Khohamah Caiah‘s, the talented rapper, has just released a new single entitled “Tunnel Vision.” The track was produced by the highly acclaimed producer Mr Turner and features Khohamah Caiah‘s exceptional lyrical skills.


“Tunnel Vision” is a powerhouse rap track that showcases Khohamah Caiah’s impressive wordplay and storytelling abilities. The rapper’s flow is smooth and confident, delivering lines with precision and passion. The lyrics tackle themes of focus, determination, and ambition, delivered with a touch of humor and wit.

Mr Turner’s production on the track is top-notch, incorporating a variety of sounds and textures to create a beat that is both hard-hitting and infectious.

Check it out below. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD MP3: Khohamah Caiah’s – ‘Tunnel Vision’