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K’Chinga Speaks on Muzo Aka Alphonso

After watching the interview on YouTube with Muzo aka Alphonso and Helen Phiri I couldn’t help but agree more with the people saying that Muzo is the Zambian Kanye West. The guy is a genius!


For those saying that Muzo needs help, yes I agree, he needs you to help him push his music. Fund him to shoot great videos for his songs and great producers, help him make his money. If Alpha Entertainment has the man’s album, release it and help him get his money. The mans said Sun Fm have not paid him, why are they quiet and nobody doing anything about it? Can is ZAM intervene?

Let’s not interfere in Musonda’s personal life. His a creative so you can’t expect him to have a “normal life”. Yes he smokes weed and is proud? Is he the first artist to admit it? How many great artists have prophesied their love for weed and you love them even attend their concerts? Davido, Burna Boy, Wizkid etc

Are we going to ignore that freestyle he did at the end of the interview??? That was fire ???? the guy still got it and I personally can’t wait for his Mafia Gang album! Imagine the stories he has to tell from an experience he had drinking kachasu with his boys in the hood somewhere in kasama!! 20tracks iwe we not ready????????‍♂️
So please if u want to help Muzo help him with his music, get him a manager with his best interests at heart and help push his music before you talk about rehab. Support the artist.