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Gospel Artist, JIFAN Shares A Message About Peace



In a few months from now, we are going to have elections. History tells that for a long time now, most countries have election problems that become almost inevitable. One of the biggest challenge during such times is violence. Africa in particular, many have lost their lives and not to forget injuries that have made many people restless and unfortunately, some countries still have problems long enough to the extent of getting through to the next election time.

Many people have asked over the years, why in all these years it has been not easy to have peace throughout these periods. Well, many have gone to the streets, others to the media, more went to party leaders to negotiate for peace during election. It seems that in the midst of all struggle for a better approach towards this problem, the worse happens. It feels bad, seeing the blood spills from innocent people who have fallen victim to violence. Babies cry beside their dead mother whom they try to wake up thinking she might be sleeping- sorry site.

Here in Zambia, we are not spared, such election fever is on everybody’s face. The fast and uncontrollable heart beats never cease to pound. Many of us picture the struggle for office that political parties engage in and not leaving out its side effects. The higher side of stories that go around are the violence, vandalism, and cracks that emerge when parties run their race. Many think Peace, Love and Unity are impossible to achieve. Well, Zambia can have peace throughout and Unity. Here is how: Everybody taking right position;

Political parties: For a long time, the parties that run for office have become like fighting elephants that make inocent glass suffer. Parties have a very big role in archieving peace. Having a clear understanding of what it means to be in a political office is very vital. The same people we need to vote for us are the ones we sometimes victimize, this has created a wrong impression of what politics really stands for. For years, parties have used campaign systems that have fueled violence.

The tendency of using confusion in order to get votes will only take away the right for a peaceful election. Young people being used to disturb opponents by either beating up other supporters of a particular party or vandalizing their campaign materials has contributed a lot to chasing peace and unity away. What is normally forgotten is that the same people used to victimize others will never trust us even when we are in power because that will mean we have planted a bad seed. Creating hatred among supporters will never be a best thing to do in order to bring about a positive response from people.

A party should be at the fore front of promoting peace. People need a peaceful party and that which promotes unity. It doesn’t matter what information has been rolling over within the party over decades, as long as it fuels bad behaviours, somebody must stand and sort things up for a better party as a peaceful leader. A big tree starts with a small seed, and come to think of it as your duty to fasten peace and unity. Followers as the name entails, look up to you as party leaders, they listen to you , so speak peace.

Finally, before being done with parties; consider being a party of the people, one that listens to the cries of people who love unity. Avoid enemies but understand that those are just friends trying to bring about a particular difference just as you. Do not forget that there is always one winner, and if you do the best possible peaceful campaign but still lose, then be ready to accept and support because there is another tomorrow for glab, its good not to waste it.

Citizens: As citizens, we hold the ball in our hands, we have the right to say no to violence. There is no party without voters, citizens are the best asset a party needs, it means we have a voice. Our voice should be peace, unity and love, no party can resist that because we are their hope aswel. For a long time we have allowed some politicians who have brainwashed people that violence brings answers.

A citizen should always reflect on the impact of lack of peace, love and unity on our children, mothers, old people, pregnant women and the entire society. Many times citizens have pointed fingers on polititians as being head starters of unres, but what we leave out is that they don’t do things alone but use citizens. A responsible citizen will refuse to be used against his or her own nation.

Zambia is us and depends on us, nobody is going to come from nowhere and fight for our own peace. Let’s avoid vandalizing other people that belong to a different party. Let’s leave party flags alone and don’t think of burning them. Let’s protect our properties such as schools, lets not break glasses. Let’s make a decision to be a peace making citizen and if any party leader comes to convice us into doing violence , let’s deny and advise them.

Media, Organisations, Security Arms, and Religious groups: Preach peace, don’t take sides, enlighten people by informing them of what they really need to do in order to promote peace. Sometimes politicians have made you their handy tools. This is like selling your own people and it’s bad, don’t allow any party hook you in the acts that remove hope for a better Zambia. You are like eyes of the people, by looking up to you they are trusting you and please make it up for them.

Electrol Commission: Trust is all given to you. Your indipendence in handling the election will help reduce fights, remember to follow laws governing your job. Whatever it takes to make things trust worth, that should not slip off your hands. Your shoulders carry the hope of the people who will work up very early in the morning heading for the polling station to make their voices heard, so don’t twist it at all. If you allow to be used, then you are going to rob people their rights. Be a peace maker.

In conclusion, there is no me without you, so you are as equally important as I am. This is how we should think and talk like throughout our entire Zambian life. There is no zambia without that person who is called zambian. Peace, Love and Unity can be achieved if we all take our responsibilities and execute them as such. Its a chain, we all have a role to play. Peace is possible, a unified Zambia is possible. God will always be by our side if we chose to promote Peace, Love and Unity.

Remember always that its
One Zambia, One Nation. One Africa, One Continent. All Continents, One World.

I would recommend everyone within Zambia and beyond listen to my song titled “Promote Peace” here

Share this peace centered message and song with everyone everywhere and print it out in any form you want I have given permission to all because iam called only to promote positive holistic development and transformation for FREE to God’s glory

Written By:
Lazarous Chongo (JIFAN)
Kabwe, Zambia