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Here is what Aqualaskin said on Verse 2 & 3 on “God Did Romnix” song

Aqualaskin just a new record dubbed “God Did Romnix” which is a cover and the song was originally done by DJ Khaled. 


Verse 2

Made baby mama woke She started sleeping on me Reason we ain’t never made That holy matrimony, Tried to stop a nigga check Talking I should pick But love don’t mean shit When I’m on the mic Since I had daughter It’s been more blessings Guess that colored figure Got her mom stressing King moved Please forgive me On to better things Last last what I’m singing Till I fall asleep Then back to business in The morning like she don’t exist So if you thinking imma lose Cause I left a bitch.

God knows I never cheated I just left in peace Said no to being controlled So I chucked a deuce She helped me up a couple times Then tried to slave me But man’s was born a made king A bitch can never cage me When shit is toxic Make a move Or you gon regret it I thank the lord For being faithful Tho I’m so ungrateful, Nhahaha.

Verse 3

(Hela Did) How I got here only God knows Vision still blur With a lot of goals I made mistakes I can’t attain If you ain’t sin Proudly throw a stone Living off the hype Only way I cop I got depressed From reading comments Started losing sleep But the passion for this music Self therapy Thick skin self developed Content on a loop Now they celebrate me Ever since M’SIMBI I sold dope but never smoked Talk of double profit Making cash in good health Off a dirty habit Being a pilot was the dream Tho it never happen I got people high in clouds They forgot their problems.

My confidence a big roll In this game of fame Tho my ego been bruised Imma always dance Used to do it for the bills Now became a movement Taking out the competition They can not believe it Tryna step on my Toes Do like a man Kandeke slowly turning target Almost crossing line That nigga lost he whole head Off a friend win God did motherfucker Call this Godwin When will you learn I was born for this All the stones you throw My way I’m building Life with them The bigger picture ain’t a Grammy It’s financial freedom My bloodline Will never luck Put that on my life I kept moving one direction.

Mideast all the hate I’m a man why surprised For my love for cake Ass the only comfort That I truly had So every girl Amma date You know she gotta have it My biggest focus till I die Is being a better father I beat the label made me bigger Put them outta business Now other artists follow suit Guess I’m now the business No your worth or you gon End up always getting less The world already fucked up You Better think sharp Talent only won’t enough had to mix up Dirty methods Sacrifices till it made sense So I can never lose it easy Only dead bodies My life on timing 4 I die I need recruit more God did but you didn’t You can’t make me fail “It’s always easy to talk about The next man’s topic But you ain’t really doing shit In your life.”

Look! Umweo kanani Inama tabakanya eeh Teshitoumuchele first day I see her vizavi Then let her be Cause all they wanna Do is dog collar me made myself relevant no bitch Can love me for me Reason imma be on go girls will show you bums Once you give ‘em lil bit control From lover to a stranger Always love you for our daughter My talent God given Where I’ll end up You will never know 30k for a show My value went up Still on rise bread price PF times How I’m still alive Even I Get surprised Glory be to God Through it all He was ever kind Before you judge my life Look at yours You and I is not the same prolly throwing shade Cause I have the fame Tables turn in my shoes You would go insane Had to prove myself Cause you said I can’t.

I, broke the chain With no co sign Made it happen Jimmy neutron Brain Fate I can’t escape If hell is where my end In this life imma reign supreme 12 thousand Peoples in the crownd Screaming Wabota correcti yah Musakwa ndilanona Check the stats Topping charts Biggest stars We aligned Now I’m fine Young Hov Nigga got the keys Racking up cheese head up Statue liberty Where I come from This here, you can never be KUOMBOKA nigga flexing I’m destined They vexing My five minutes of fame Becoming permanent Even Your best favorite rapper tryna get a connect Nah nigga Ion’t need you Better come in correct I ain’t them kids You done kilt Just to keep you afloat Think I cracked the code Been a road of trial and error But the Vision upholds Gimme a round of applaud.

Nexus really did me dirty Now that label is dead Truly That blood on my head Had to say it again From just an artist To a corporate Profit margin Steady growing Ion’t even need to force it It’s foresight, yeah Really did it on my own My supporters held me down GOD DID what we screaming After killing a show It’s always one for the road So my name they gon remember Every place that I go Finally learnt to love myself Mental health is wealth Reason I been front as clown Put in work in stealth I’m gone (It’s Aqualaskin)