(Download Book) Changing To A Positive Mind-Set Africa Needs A Renaissance A Positive Mind Re-Birth, By Mwansa Chalwe


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I believe if you want to create a better change, begin at your home (mind) and later the rest of the community and world. It’s time for each of my home land individual to begin to Reflect and Re-think constructively if our Attitudes, Past Beliefs, including our old gone parents beliefs, and also our Religions or Churches, Governments, and School-Systems are driving each one of us in the Positive direction or the opposite. Remember that Our past shapes what we say, what we see, how we live and what you and me experience today. If it doesn’t help, then its time for a new inventory of your life.

There is great need for Africa to undergo a Positive Mind-Set Change so that we can all start to focus our positive thinking on what we want to experience in our lives: Positive Things like Happiness; Health; and Wealth to achieve Development that is Sustainable. As the former president of South Africa, Mr. Thabo Mbeki talked about the need for an African Renaissance. That is, “A new positive Re-awakening or Fresh and True Start that is based on a positive mind-set.”

Therefore, to control thought is to control circumstances, conditions, environment and destiny. Bovee said,

“The greatest events of an age are its best thoughts. It is the nature of thoughts to find its way into action.”

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Mwansa Chalwe| Author, Writer, Motivational Mentor, Philosopher & Founder: Rich Mwansa Trainings, Inc


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