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Bobby East’s Dream Comes To Life After 4 Years Of Preparation

On 2nd January 2020 XYZ CEO and award winning rapper Bobby East posted on his socials X (Formally called Twitter) to be precise saying, “2020 if God allows it I’m starting a men’s apparel store.” He added saying, “we will stock grooming products as well. Ima fix your ashy boyfriend even if it kills him lol.”


Four years down the line the aforementioned rapper has made his 2020 dream to fruition by opening a Mens clothing store. Likewise Bobby took to his X account and posted pictures with a caption which reads, “It took longer than expected but here we are.

The goal was always to have stylish clothing at a very affordable rate.” This News has just a few years after opening a Liquor shop East Park mall in Lusaka. He has now joined the likes on F-Jay and Hamoba who own clothing brands. The former’s Owns a brand wear called “Saka” while the later owns “Hamswear” this is surely the development every music fan would love to see. Congratulations to Bobby East on this achievement.

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