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Dizmo’s Christ-like Pose for New Song Promotion Sparks Controversy

A photo of Dizmo, an artist signed to Apa Iliso Entertainment, posing on a cross alongside two others has stirred mixed emotions among fans and music enthusiasts. The images depict the rapper imitating Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, with some Facebook users expressing outrage over what they see as blasphemous behavior. A comment from Alick B Phiri condemns the act, stating that it’s disrespectful and mocks God.


It’s not even funny, there’s no message you’re sending to the community, you are Mocking God. May God Almighty, forgive you ,for not knowing what You’re doing.” – Alick B Phiri

On the other hand, there are those who defend Dizmo’s actions, arguing that he’s expressing his artistry rather than disrespecting religious sentiments. Auspicious Mich suggests that Dizmo should focus on his music without drawing comparisons to Jesus.

Just Do Your Music Thing Guy’z You Should Never Ever Compare Yourself To Jesus Fame Has Made You To Feel Like That’s Me Auspicious Mich Zm, On The Speech Uh Yeah.” – Auspicious Mich

Some supporters, like King Solomon III and Mr Elfour Music, appreciate the artistic expression and urge listeners to consider the broader context of Dizmo’s work before passing judgment.

I don’t know why people are calling it blasphemy before listening to the project, what if he was preaching the gospel?

Are you saying the guys who acted the Jesus film where blaspheming ? Or maybe you think that was the real Jesus.” – Mr Elfour Music

Zulu, among others, holds the opinion that even the portrayal of Jesus in films isn’t necessarily blasphemous, and suggests that cultural perceptions can differ within Zambia.