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Chile One MrZambia Praised as a Musical Genius by Jonathan Ngoma

It’s always exciting to discover new talent and watch them grow and develop as artists.


In a recent statement by Jonathan Ngoma, a well-known figure in the Zambian music industry, Ngoma expressed his admiration for the musical abilities of Chile One MrZambia. Ngoma, who has worked with many artists in his career, stated that he was convinced of Chile One’s talents after listening to his music for only a short period of time.

Ngoma went on to describe a conversation he had with Chile One earlier this year, during which the artist expressed a desire to release a new song immediately. Ngoma advised against it, citing concerns about misrepresentation, and the two agreed to hold off on the release. However, after hearing the song more recently, Ngoma is now convinced that Chile One is a true musical genius who is capable of working in any genre.

According to Ngoma, Chile One is not only a skilled writer, but he also has a deep understanding of the various elements of music. He has worked with multiple producers and video directors, demonstrating his versatility and creativity as an artist.

Chile One’s social media presence is also impressive, with steady growth in followers not only in Zambia but also in the wider region.

Ngoma’s high praise for Chile One is a testament to the artist’s growing reputation and potential for success. Chile One MrZambia is a rising star in the Zambian music scene, and with his versatility and talent, he is sure to leave a lasting impact.



Unlike other artist that I have a long relationship with. I’ve only known Chile One MrZambia for slightly over a year. Stepped on his music and I was convinced he was just the one. With no single attachment to him as a person. In the past year I’ve had deep conversations with him around music, life, circumstances and situations.
4th January this year he called and we literally spent the whole day on the phone. From morning till around 18hrs.

In the evening of it..he was like Big man I want to speak out. When i speak i will feel better.
I’ve a song i want to drop like immediately. I said No. Not now, what ever you will do will be misrepresentation. Just take your cool and have it that way. He was deeply emotional.

Next thing was he sent me a song. Not what we are listening today , but something completely different and when I say different, I mean completely different.
He says this is what I want to drop, I gave reasons why I felt the timing could have been bad, and a listening person he is, we agreed to hold.

Last month I called him, I said “I think that song can be dropped now”🤣😂
He told me ati “Awe Mwalinkanya Imwe, elo me I listen to you” so nshafunye.

This song has just cemented my belief that this guy can do anything. He’s a good writer and he fully understands the various music elements. His numbers on social platforms are also giving him a very good and steady position not only in Zambia but around the region.

This is like the 5th producer I’ve seen him work with , he definitely know who to work with and the expected output this may also be the 4th Video Director he’s working with. Now that is being artistic.

If you ever doubted Chile One, I strongly urge you to believe, he is here to stay!

I remember when I was young I used to tell Drimz Mr. Muziq ati uyu umwaiche wakulekafye. 😂