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Chellah Tukuta has mixed feelings about Macky2, Yo Maps, Slap Dee and Vjeezy’s forthcoming Australia Tour

Some time back in 2018, Macky 2, Slap Dee and Vjeezy went to perform in Perth Australia. The event which is organized by Zambians who are based in Australia.


Fast forward to 2022, Macky 2, Slap Dee, Yo Maps and Vjeezy are set to perform in Perth. The tour is scheduled for 8th July, 2022. The venue is yet to be announced.

Zed music fan and presidential photographer Chellah Tukuta commented on Macky 2’s post which reads “Australia we are coming “. Chellah commented saying, “ Hope you will not be performing to the Zambian community who are just a few in numbers.

He further notes that “we need to see a stadium filled show where Australians will be jamming to your music then we shall know muli ba Pondo.” In addition, “Not just singing to Zambians In is the diaspora.

Macky2 responded saying, ”Chellah Tukuta Photography comment reserved , enjoy the rest of your day sir.”