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Aqualaskin talks Tidwale, Ndine Emma, Prison, Using Music To Promote His Business etc

On the this episode, Edna the people’s Bae interviews new wave artist and ‘Tidwale’ hit maker Aqualaskin. On this episode Aqualaskin reveals that he is a fan of ZMB talks and that he has watched a couple of episodes.


He also notes that the ‘ndine Emma’ episode had a sad story but for but for him it is rather business and friendship. He went on to say that he and Ndine Emma are in good terms and Ndine Emma has been supportive however his management messed up their relationship.

He maintained that, he( Aqualaskin) gives Ndine Emma much respect because he gave him juice when he released the ‘Tidwale’ song.

Aqualaskin also depicts that Ndine Emma’s management via Facebook told him to use the ‘Tidwale song’ however he wanted to and be creative and make videos however he wanted to.

Furthermore, he took the ‘Tidwale’ song serious because it started trending when he did the snippet so he decided to take it serious and shot a music video for it.

Watch full interview below: