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8/10: Sean Tembo, the Prominent Politician Reviews Mordecaii’s new ‘Fire’

Prominent politician, Sean E. Tembo recently shared his review of Mordecaii‘s new song “Fire.” In his review, Tembo gave the song an 8 out of 10 rating, indicating a favorable impression of the track.



I have listened to and watched the video for Mordecaii’s “Fire” track and l’ll give the track a 10/10 and the video an 8/10.

The track has a feel-good theme, a fast rhythm, is romantic and has clean language meaning that people can play it at many social occasions ranging from weddings to clubs. The theme is very important in a track because even if the beat and vocals are great, if the theme is about “muka bene” or “sunda station”, then it just becomes awkward to publicly associate with such a track when there is a certain audience present.

Also, Mordecaii’s track has a perfect mix of vernacular and English, which is critical for an artist to receive international recognition. Nga mwafulisha ichibemba nangu ichinyanja ninshi your audience will only be in Zambia. Ba International audience need a verse or two in English for them to dance along. But again don’t put too much English mulwimbo, it sounds fake, like you’re trying to be Chris Brown or Justin Bieber, and we all know you ain’t.
However, Mordecaii’s video was too indoor, the Director was a bit lazy. A drone footage of Lusaka city at night and Victoria Falls plus some nice sports cars (you can talk to Mikalile nicely) and a nice mansion would have added some color to the video and reduced the monotony.
Otherwise there’s no question that another Zambian star has been born. But apa start working on an album which must come out before end of 2023. And don’t forget to get a more innovative Director for your videos in future.
Otherwise mwaiche your future is SET ✌️✌️✌️
SET 30.06.2023

Watch the ‘Fire’ video below.