Shine On: Waps – No Guts No Glory [Xclusive Interview]


On #ShineOn today – This morning ZMB had to sit down and had a Q to A interview with Wapangwa “Waps” Joe Mwale, This is a Hip Hop Artist Based in Kitwe and Managed by Zambia’s Finest Dj, Dj Power X – The Transformer…. Enjoy the interview below:

Q- For those hearing of you for the first time, how would you describe yourself as an artist?
A- My full names are Wapangwa Joe Mwale and I go by the name of WaPs which is basically a short form of my bemba name Wapangwa. I’m based in the copperbelt but grew up in Lusaka. WaPs has always been in the game of hip hop but just been underground because of school and work. Now he’s ready to emerge because he thinks hip hop in Zambia seems stuck on one position and he’s optimistic that he might change that. Coming with a not so cliche style with feel good and educative hip hop music!

Q- How long have you been involved in making music and what inspired you to do this as a career?
A- I’ve been in the game since high school…. But like I said I kept it low underground till now. I love poetry and playing with words. So basically poetry inspired me to take music as a career but mostly its the likes of Daddy Zemus, 2 Pac, BIG and Ludacris that totally inspired me to do this..

Q. Are you signed to a record label, working with anyone important or have you decided to take the independent route for now?
A- Well right now I’m more like taking the independent route but considering working with the likes of Starn theindustry who featured on my first single titled REASON and Raydo Digital X studios.

Q- Do you write your own music?
A- Not all of it. Michael Lukamba (Dreams finalist) is my music writer. I wrote my first single titled REASON with the help of StarN theindustry..

Q- Where would you most like to perform?
A- I’d love to perform at the polo grill in Lusaka

Q- What’s been the highlight of your career so far?
A- So far I can say I’m getting a lot of recognition.. Like right now.. Lol. People are really motivating me by telling me to carry on making good music. Getting a lot of love from my fans! I’m optimistic that I will totally make it.

Q- Did you ever think you wouldn’t get this far?
A- Truth be told, yes.. I mean the industry is huge and every artist is putting in their level best. And considering the fact that the Hip Hop side of the industry is growing I kind of had second thoughts but my outer ego whispered in my ear and told me I can do it!

Q- Who do you aspire to be like? As successful as?
A- In Zambia I think Jordan Katembula aka JK because of his strife and struggle to get to where he’s at and in America I would totally wanna be successful like Jay Z because of all the businesses that he has laid out..

Q- What makes your music unique?
A- My Hip Hop music compared to the Hip Hop music of my fellow Hip Hop artists is totally different in the sense that there music is cliche and of the same nature. Using raggatone and kwaito beats. Well as for my music its plain blatant hip hop rap beats unless if I’m doing a remix. Like for my first single REASON which features StarN theindustry I used a mellow low count kind of beat. My music is here to educate and make people feel good..

Q- Do You play any instrument? If so – Which instruments do you play?
A- I can play the keyboard and a guitar

Q- Is your family musical?
A- Pretty much.. But I’m the only one who’s decided to share the passion with the world.

Q- What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?
A- Well its not easy but all you need is optimism and determination. They say no guts no glory/ be tough and it will be a different story/.. Don’t fear dying but fear never trying. Life is all about taking risks so if you wanna do music be ready to risk..

Q- What do you hope to do with your music?
A- I hope to educate and inspire artists out there and most importantly I hope to make my music put Zambia on the music world map.. Hip Hop/Rap wise..

Q- Is your music spiritual?, I don’t mean in terms of Gospel – Can I call you a preacher? Can your music ill a long lost soul?
A- It totally can.. My first single REASON talks about believing that everything happens for a reason. Accidents and mistakes all happen for a reason so I reckon if someone or you were having a hard predicament in your life it could strengthen you by assuring you that everything happens for a reason and that reason is yet to be known..

Q- What’s Next? – Do we expect an album from you anytime soon? Or any upcoming projects?
A- Will be working on my mixtape titled EMERGE which should be ready in June.. Will be shooting a video for my first single REASON which features Starn theindustry next month.. And at the same time working on my first album which will probably drop next year.

Last Words…
“No guts no glory” “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger” “I never fear death or dying, I only fear never trying”

“We have high hopes for Waps, Thanks for chilling with us, shine on brother!!!”


Lost without you
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Reason Ft. Starn Theindustry
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