ZMB Presents “Top 5 Zed Music Download Sites” 2014


2014 was a great year for us internet dwellers because we have come to notice that a lot of Zambian people are beginning to find the internet as a very useful source of information than before. In-order to avoid writing from the blues Here are the Top Five Zed Music Download Sites for 2014. Carefully nominated by the ZMB community.

1. SociaLumiere . Net (The Greatest Site Of Them All)

– SociaLumiere is Zambia’s fastest growing social media, music and entertainment website providing website users with a versatile range of up to date information on upcoming events, news, music and articles spread through from the international and local scenes including the latest fashion trends, fashion tips and photographs from events. Established in 2013, SociaLumiere has over the past two years grown to be a well-known website on the African continent for its versatility, involvement and promotion of music and fine arts. SociaLumiere which is affiliated with the Slum Dunk Records TV website, ZoneFam’s record label website, The ZeeMusic Website, an artist management and promotion company and AmaBeats Website, an online beat store also runs an online YouTube Channel ‘SociaLumiere TV’ which show cases a variety of content ranging from interviews, fashion to music videos.

2. Kountapoint. Com (Zambia’s Fastest Growing Urban Music Download Website)

– Kountapoint  is dedicated to the growth and nurturing of talented Zambian artists with a Christian or positive dispensation in their music. We offer cutting edge marketing, so dynamic it notices trends before they become the ‘it-thing’ and structure our efforts around getting the most from our work. However, most times we pride ourselves in our ability to create trends and let the rest follow us.

We also offer top-notch branding services that create powerful self-sustaining brands that sell the artist way after the work has been done, in their sleep so to say.

A layout and in-depth break-down of our marketing/branding services and strategies are readily available at request.

The success of our marketing/branding team lies largely in its diversity; we have a computer expert/graphic designer with extensive hands on knowledge in artist management, a freelance writer/promoter with a years of experience in performing arts, an entrepreneur with experience in start-ups and leadership strategy and a music producer knowledgeable in many areas of marketing, as well as many interim consultants we call upon from time to time.

3. ZambianMusicBlog. Co (Zambia’s #1 Music Video Download Site)

– Zambian Music Blog is Zambia’s #1 music videos and news articles’ website that provides professional internet based promotions, Extreme Hype services for small and big entertainment agencies at a competitive price. As an internet – based business, our primary storefront and primary advertising tool is our website. This site makes us available to our prospective client twenty – four hours a day, seven days a week. The Business draws on the experience and education from the owning firm which has a job experience in business management, website designing, logo development, photography and online based promotions. This comprehensive background provides the skills necessary to support business operations, technical aspects of a website – based business, the design and the development or the hyping of products for our clients.

4. Afrofire. Com (Where Music Lives)

– Afrofire is one of Zambia’s Fastest growing Music promotion website with the focus to promote Zambian Entertainment. Afrofire was founded in late September 2014 by Nathan Musamba. Since Then Afrofire has grown massively with users from all around the world making up a combined reach of 35000+ unique website users in the first 3 months only.

5. Indimba. Com /SDRTV. Com


NOTE: This list was NOT compiled according to the Popularity of a website but according the Design, authors’ creativity, website responsiveness and uniqueness.

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