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Yo Maps’ Manager Clash With La’wino Over Statement On Musicians Doing Campaign Songs

Yo Maps manager DJ Kandeke and business owner/artiste La’wino had a fight on social media (Facebook to be precise) over La’wino’s shaming statement concerning musicians that accepted to do campaigns songs before the just concluded 2021 Zambia General Elections. Prolly aimed specifically at those that campaigned alongside the Patriotic Front (PF).


On his post, La’wino schooled musicians on the consequences of accepting to be exploited by Politicians to which Kandeke did not receive lightly and decided to reminder La’wino of his failures. You can go ahead and check their heated conversation through the screenshots below.


It should always be more important to stand with the people.
“Money shouldn’t buy our dignity and integrity. That’s why Even institutions of govt have been compromised in the past years”
You guys forgot that cause of a few coins and that’s a shame…let’s not even make jokes about that. There is definitely life after. Being famous and having hit songs….you have a Legacy to leave when all that is gone…
You have no love for the Zambian people and that’s facts……you don’t deserve to be called Role models…hope in your next life,you learn to make a difference…

He then tagged, Mampi, Slapdee, Yo Maps and called on people to tag their own.

Have look at their Convo below, Courtesy of Zambezi Juice.