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Yo Maps Dominates Boomplay’s Trending Artists’ Chart in Zambia

The Zambian music scene is lighting up Boomplay’s charts with a dazzling display of talent, and at the forefront is the remarkable Yo Maps, who has firmly secured the top spot. Right on his heels is the gifted Vinchenzo, leaving no doubt about his musical prowess as he claims the second position.


As we delve into the list, we uncover a treasure trove of Zambian musical brilliance, each artist contributing their unique charm to the tapestry of our vibrant music landscape. From the melodic wonders of Neo to the lyrical artistry of Chef 187, and the captivating sounds of Jay Rox, KB, and Pompi, these musicians have managed to capture the hearts and souls of listeners both at home and across borders.

Adding international flair to the mix, we find Nigerian artist Ruger and Malawian export Driemo, who have successfully etched their names onto the Zambian music scene and garnered well-deserved recognition for their distinctive musical contributions.

The musical heartbeat of Zambia is resoundingly strong, a fact underscored by Boomplay’s platform that amplifies its global impact. The fact that Yo Maps is leading the pack, closely followed by Vinchenzo, underscores the undeniable truth: Zambian music stands as a formidable creative force that demands recognition.

Without further ado, here’s the roster that’s shaping the sonic narrative:

  1. Yo Maps
  2. Vinchenzo
  3. Neo
  4. Chef 187
  5. Jay Rox
  6. KB
  7. Driemo
  8. Ruger
  9. Pompi