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Yemi Alade ft. Loud Urban Choir – Tomorrow Refix (Video)

Nigerian superstar Yemi Alade has released a brand new version of her hit single “Tomorrow (refix)”, featuring the talented Loud Urban Choir. This exciting collaboration brings together Yemi Alade’s powerful vocals and the choir’s harmonious sound, creating a stunning refix that will leave you breathless.


“Tomorrow (Refix)” is a soulful and uplifting track that showcases Yemi Alade’s versatility and talent. The addition of Loud Urban Choir’s harmonies adds a new layer of depth and emotion to the song, making it a must-listen for fans of Yemi Alade and gospel music.

The song’s message of hope and encouragement is perfect for these times, and Yemi Alade’s powerful vocals deliver it with conviction and passion. The choir’s harmonies add a sense of community and unity, making the song feel like a celebration of the human spirit.

“Tomorrow (Refix)” by Yemi Alade ft. Loud Urban Choir is a must-listen for anyone who loves gospel music, Yemi Alade, or just great music in general. Stream it now and experience the beauty and inspiration of this talented collaboration!

check it out below.