When I Die, I Will Leave Behind A List Of People To Attend My Funeral Says Adora!


Talented songbird, song writer and actress Adora Mwape who is wife to Zambia’s renowned film maker Owas Mwape brakes down and makes a emotional statement which says some Zambians are so negative towards her and she doesn’t want them to attend her funeral when she answers the Lord calls.

“It’s sad that US Zambian’s use social media for PHD. Nowoder alot of celebrities distance themselves and die lonely. Bantalamisoka! (The snakes in the green glass) Bashetani imwe (Evil Dowers), for as long as what was attached to me you threw stones”.

Adora who is also part of the production team of Zambia’s most watched TV series Zuba which her husband produces and directs  she wished she can turn the heads of time and be born before social media cause it’s full of negative energy and fake love she lighted.

“Mwikatala isako nakumalilo yandi ati iyo alimunensu, bululu! No!! Do not come and over populate my funeral with your plastic faces. When I die I will leave a list of people to come, one would even wish they were born before social media,”said Adora in a post in Facebook.

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