Wezi, Salma Sky, Joe Thomas & Brian Mcknight Covers New Era Magazine Latest Issue


Zambian soul singer/songwriter Wezi and Salma Sky alongside American music stars Joe Thomas and Brian Mcknight are on the cover of the latest or 5th free issue of Zambia’s New Era Magazine.

Joe Thomas:

If you fell in love in the early 2000s, your love story probably features a playlist
by Joe. He had the right words to tell your person that no one else comes close or that you wanted to know what makes them smile. If you were single or recently heartbroken at the time, Joe was there to remind you that it wasn’t the end.

He believed in you. It wasn’t the end. Younger listeners are familiar with the ambiance of love that Joe carried into their homes. Joe has been the date night playlist for almost two decades and on the Stanbic Music Festival, it was clear why. [To read more, download a free copy below]

Upclose with Brian Mcknight:

Roxy: I was super elated to be able to sit down with, and interview one of the best Rnb Vocalists of all time, Brian McKnight who was in the country alongside Joe Thomas for the annual STANBIC MUSIC FESTIVAL and here is how our interview went!!
Roxy: How are you finding Zambia so far?
Brian McKnight: You know it’s funny, when you are coming to work it’s difficult to get a real idea of what the place is actually like, when people know you’re coming it becomes an issue with security, but the people that I’ve met have been so warm and so welcoming it’s almost like I’m coming home after being gone for a long time. That’s the way the people make you feel and it could be because people have been listening to my music for so long and we are finally here but I think it’s a combination of both.
To me all the places I go whether it’s china or seeing the great wall seeing all the natural things is great but to me it’s always been about the people. [To read more, download a free copy below]

Balancing Salma Sky:

Over the decade, Salma Sky has become more than a singer. She is a wife, mother who has built a strong brand that has been tested by time, gained her followers across the globe and a reputation that cannot be rivalled.
The best way to know someone is to enquire their mind. We had a quick chat and learned what makes her both Salma the woman and the brand that turns everything to gold. [To read more, download a free copy below]

Wezi’s Leiloe:

Leilo means love is eternal and love will never die it’s in a language that only my heart speaks It came to me in a melody that sounded like leiloe which felt good in
my soul and I decided to create a full song. after producing the song I goggled the words leiloe and I found that there is no meaning of the word in any existing language, to me it is just an expression that was coined as I was creating the song. [To read more, download a free copy below]

New Era Magazine – Free Edition #Issue5 | Get Full Copy Here

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