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WATCH: K’Chinga says “Beautiful Night” record by Macky 2 is not fire

Rapper and media personality K’Chinga states that Macky 2’s record “Beautiful Night” featuring AKA is not fire that’s why the South African rapper didn’t share it on his socials. K’chinga also believes that the record is whack.


While speaking in a recent episode of The Buzz show hosted by Camstar and Vitu, K’Chinga made his comment about King Buga hit single. He stated that AKA would have been the first one to share record if it was fire.

The media personality believes that the song is wack and he’s not micing words about that. It’s not that the song is bad though, according to him, it’s that it just doesn’t cut it for him, especially with the high expectations he has of an artiste like Macky 2.

Do you share the same view with K’chinga about Macky 2’s single? Tell us what you think.