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Vinchenzo Collaborates with SA’s Africanchild Dancers for New Music Video

Vinchenzo, the talented Zambian artist, recently teamed up with the renowned Pantsula dance crew Africanchild Dancers for his latest music video. The video was shot in South Africa and features the impressive moves of the Africanchild Dancers, who have previously worked with international superstar Beyoncé for her music video “Run the World (Girls)”.


The collaboration between Vinchenzo and Africanchild Dancers has resulted in a visually stunning music video that showcases the unique blend of African rhythms and dance styles. The video features scenes from various locations in South Africa, including the bustling streets of Johannesburg and a stunning underground location.

Vinchenzo said of the collaboration, “Working with Africanchild Dancers was an incredible experience. They brought so much energy and passion to the project, and their dance moves perfectly complemented the rhythm and vibe of the song. It was an honor to work with such talented dancers who have worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry.”

The Africanchild Dancers are renowned for their expertise in Pantsula dance, a style that originated in South Africa’s townships in the 1950s. The dance style is characterized by quick, rhythmic footwork and has been a significant influence on various music genres in South Africa, including Kwaito and Gqom.

Vinchenzo’s latest music video is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Africa and the diverse talents of its people. With the help of the Africanchild Dancers, Vinchenzo has created a music video that celebrates African music, dance, and culture.

The music video was released yesterday 21st April, and fans are eagerly waiting to see the collaboration between Vinchenzo and Africanchild Dancers. It promises to be a visual feast that will showcase the best of African music and dance.

Watch the new Vinchenzo video HERE.